Monthly Ads.

We give you value for money package

A lot of website owners are used to buying online ads each time they think its important to advertise or when they have a message to pass across. However, experience has shown that it is better and more effective to intentionally and continually do ads from an affordable budget allocated to daily Ads. This will not only help to reinforce your brand message but also help to bring a constant stream of traffic to your website. The ad packages below are designed to provide your website with a steady monthly flow of traffic and help ensure there are people looking at what you offer at all times. If you need help making a decision on whether a particular package is suitable or not, please feel free to contact us.

Delivery MyClickAds Monthly Subscription
Starter Basic Standard Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Guaranteed Clicks 50 150 350 750 2000 4500 10000
Guaranteed Impressions 50K 150K 350K 750K 2M 4M 8M
Banner Ads 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 5 Weeks 6 Weeks 7 Weeks
Website Monitoring No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mailing Lists No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search Engines Submission 20 20 100 100 300+ 300+ 300+
SERP 2 keyword 5 Keywords 10 Keywords 20 keywords 30 keywords 40 keywords 50 keywords
Page Posts
5 Posts/Month 10 Posts/Month 20 Posts/Month 1 Post/Day 2 Posts/Day 3 Post/Day 4 Posts/Daily








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Ad Delivery Methods

Guaranteed Clicks
Our Guaranteed Clicks are our way of assuring you of the number of minimum click you will receive in the package. A Click on your ad may bring a potential client to your chosen destination or website and it has the advantage that you can be sure the customer sees what you offer. We will continue to show your ads until the number of clicks you paid for is reached of exceeded.

Guaranteed Impressions
Our Guaranteed Impressions Ads does not guarantee clicks, but will show your ads repeatedly in order to make an impression on the minds of the viewers. This is particularly good to reinforce your brand. Since Impressions are the most important here, any clicks received are regarded as a bonus.

Banner Ads
We will display your banner on the SN Blogs website. Banners we place in SN Blogs are placed just underneath every article on the website and exposed to an unlimited number of impressions and clicks are not measured.

Website Monitoring
This is the service that gives you up to the minute monitoring of you website's uptime. We send you emails every time your website is down and it gives you information about the performance of your server.

Our SERP service aims to list your website along with search engine results in the dedicated Search Engine for Nigeria - Search Nigeria. we the right keywords, your website is displayed at the top of Search Results.

Website Submission
Our Website Submission service will ensure your website is submitted and listed in Local and International search engines.

Mailing List Manager Access
Our mailing list manager access will give you access to the SN Mailing list manager tools that you can use to send an unlimited number of emails to your own customers when you want and how you want. It will help to send mails to your customers in a professional manner.

Facebook Page Posts
Ads delivered in Facebook Page Posts are really posts that we place on Facebook fan pages so that the members/likes on those pages could see your post and like your products.

What Next?
As soon as we receive your money, we will send you an email to let you know we have started to implement your Package. We will also tell you how long it will take to complete your instruction ad you will also receive weekly stats so you know how your ads are doing.

More about Monthly Ads
Each monthly subscription takes between 30 and 60 days to complete. This means that as long as you continue to pay your monthly subscription fee, your ad will continue to run on all out publishing outlets. If you do not pay a subscription fee for a particular month, your ad will immediately cease to run as soon as we realise your subscription is not renewed. We will usually notify you when your subscription is about to expire.

Subscription Upgrade
You may also choose to downgrade or upgrade your subscription. When you do so, the new subscription level will be implemented as soon as we receive payment for the new level of service. It is not unusual for different levels of subscription to run side-by-side until the first one completes.

Note: Please note that the ads on this page are monthly ads and we will continue to bill your payment method until you cancel. Please write to us for more details -

Page Updated - 20 July 2015.