Video: Days after completing their NYSC orientation course, Youth corpers left stranded as Arik air cancels their flight from Sokoto to Lagos


A Lady who is currently stranded with her fellow corp members at the airport in Sokoto, shared this video. Narrating what’s going on, she said: ”

This is frustrating, how long would Arik airline continue treating us like this? I and my fellow Corps members booked Arik on the 14th of February up till today they keep cancelling the flight.. Where do they expect us to sleep?is it with the N19,800 federal government paid us that we would use..Some of us don’t even have a dime on us. We have been in Sokoto since Monday. The annoying part is there was an aero flight flying from Sokoto to Lagos. Arik knew they were not going to operate. what would it cost them to put us on aero and pay the difference? Am tired. I want to see my family before I embark on this one year service. If Arik is not flying, please refund us and let’s use the money to book aero today. we are corpers and don’t have that kind of Luxury to spend..”

Watch the video below…