Basketmouth shares photos of dilapidated buildings at Queens barrack Apapa as he pleads with the govt to renovate it


The comedian took his Instagram page to lament on the horrible state of the Queens Barracks, Apapa, Lagos State. According to him, the buildings were built 56 years ago and have never been renovated. Read what he wrote below…

This is one of many dilapidated buildings/block in Queens barracks Apapa, built 56years ago with no single renovation or maintenance till date. A part of the building collapsed last week but thanks to God that nobody was hurt.

This barracks is worse than the Police college barracks that was renovated after Channels TV televised the situation. Please be our own channels TV to broadcast this until something is done. This barracks produced Joseph Yobo, Sule Ladipo, George Elawure and many more.