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Jun 23, 2014, 7:22 am
I want to know why banks in nigeria are not doing the right as a bank. 
When you go to ATM To take money the ATM wil debit you but you won't see your cash and when you go to your bank to report the matter they say you have to wait for one week. So now my question is why do we have to wait for a week for my own money 


Answers  (1)

kayode adesiyan
Jul 6, 2014,3:09 am
I am sure someone who works at one of the banks in Nigeria will be able to answer this question better, but the same happened to me about a month ago. It was an FCMB account, but the machine I used was at GT bank in Mangoro.

I sent an email immediately to my bank, but they did not respond for a couple of days. As it happened on a #saturday, I made my way to the bank to ask for my 3000 Naira.

There were no apologies, but they said they would look into it as if it was my fault that I did not get the money from the machine.

About 2 weeks later, I got the money back.

I want to believe that banking in Nigeria is still in its infancy and this means they are still putting procedures in place to better handle issue of this nature. bet different banks have different ways to handle this problem, but I am convinced that the industry will get better with time.