About AskNigeria

Show the world what you know - and find out what you don't. Get answers to your questions... share info on your area of expertise...earn fame and glory - all compliments of the AskNigeria community.

What is AskNigeria?

AskNigeria is a community where people exchange information about topics that interest them. With AskNigeria you get:

  • Answers from live people, not robots
  • Search engines are great at compiling facts and spitting out lists. But a search engine can't explain why your grandma's recipe for snickerdoodles is the best. With AskNigeria, you can ask questions of real people. Want to know the fastest shortcut through downtown Portland, or which state serves up the best BBQ? The AskNigeria community can help.

  • A place to share what you know
  • Everyone's an expert on something, including you. With AskNigeria you can connect with the people who want to know what you know.You can see questions that are currently unanswered here -- maybe you know the answers!

    Why is the AskNigeria community so important?

    The AskNigeria community includes people seeking information, experts sharing information, and searchers reading the information that results from the community interaction. AskNigeria puts the power in your hands - as a community participant, you are responsible for the quality of the information on this site.

    How to earn points and reputation?

    At AskNigeria, you can earn points for the following activities.

    Account opening bonus 1
    Posting a question 2
    Posting an answer 3
    Resolving a question 4
    Posting a best answer. 5

    With the points earned from various activities , you can attain different levels of reputation as shown below.

    Level 1 : 0
    Level 2 : 5
    Level 3 : 10
    Level 4 : 15

    All users are encouraged to report content that is violating the AskNigeria Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is the commitment that all AskNigeria contributors make to ensure a positive experience for all users.