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MyClickAds is by far the largest online advertiser in Nigeria and we have started to roll out similar online ad services in other African countries.  This means we have the capabilities to reach your target audience in all the countries we operate in.  Advertisers are now able to use PPC and CPM Text/Banner Ads served on our network of websites and on partner websites.

We are proud to provide the use of Keyword Targeting for your PPC ads to reach specific audience and our Website is optimised to suggest keyword click bids in order to better serve of your ads.  Our powerful and cost effective advertising system allows you to advertise to a large community and gain potential visitors to your site. Above all, we have a team of professionals here who are able to not only look after your ads, but also look after your advertising budget no matter how much it is.


Our Publisher accounts work offer an equal share of profit and we invite you to join our network of Publisher websites. It does not matter what you currently do with your website, come and learn how to boost your income from your web pages with ads from MyClickAds by showing text/banner ads which are most relevant to your site content.

When you register with us, you will not only earn revenue from the clicks you receive on our ads displayed in your pages,  we will also give you free periodic advertising credits so you could make some noise about your website too.  MyClickAds has filters in place so you can exclude ads of your competitors. You are allowed to show our ads in your content pages as well as in search engines and you may also like to know that our ads can be displayed alongside other ad programs.